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Meet the Team


Chef Niyati Rao


KMC* is a culmination of Chef Niyati’s travels and culinary background that was a driving force to bring this concept to life. From training at the Taj Group of Hotels, Niyati went on to work at the top handpicked restaurants across the country like The Zodiac Grill, Wasabi by Morimoto, A Reverie and the likes. Her latest stint was at Noma, Copenhagen, before she returned to Mumbai.Niyati wanted to put her insightful experience to use in a way that impacted the Indian culinary world. After much research and thought, she conceptualised and worked on the idea of building a restaurant whose cuisine is interpreted and inspired by people, cultures and ingredients.

Sagar Neve

Starting out as a passionate young entrepreneur, Sagar is now the mind behind operations at Nisa Experience. An alumni of Ecole Hoteliere, Sagar highlighted the Indian hospitality industry and won the Accor Take Off! award in 2014. He opened his first restaurant in 2015 and has since worked on numerous projects across India. Focused on a diversified portfolio on India-centric capital investments, Sagar’s passion lies in restaurants.


Jishnu A. J.

Head Mixologist

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