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Driven by the spirit to create a limitless space for limitless individuals,

Chef Niyati Rao & Sagar Neve,

Nisa Experience, brings to you KMC*,

a space that adapts to your needs

and lets you be, just like home!

Nestled in the heritage building of Kitaab Mahal,

Niyati and Sagar envision KMC* to be free of

labels and boundaries, a space that stimulates

conversation about the mundane and esoteric,

a place that feels young and old, familiar and

unconventional at the same time.

It's Cocktail O'clock


Of The

The menu at KMC* is driven by moods, seasons, and ingredients to curate a constantly evolving comfort food & interesting vinoctails.

Conceptualized by Chef Niyati Rao & Chef Arnez Driver, each dish is picked and curated to offer a homely familiarity, with the Chef’s personal twist.

The team has carefully picked elements that serve the individuality and mood of each patron. From books to typewriters to projectors to a centralized mobile application, KMC* interiors have brought together nostalgia, tranquillity, tête-à-tête, assembly, classic and modern, together.

It's Cocktail O'clock


From Conversations to Coffee, from Condiments to Concoctions from Confluence to Co-working.

From Café to Carafe from Circle to Centre from Culture to Crew. From Individual to Collective and much more, the place will be what you want it to be.


With an evolved and innovative vision, KMC* is set on a course to redefine comfort food whilst offering its patrons solace!

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