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Lady in the window - an artwork for KMC*, Mumbai that represents the cafe's window with a view to a beautiful world.
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Lady in the window

Of colors and joys, Holi is here,
A day when mirth and laughter fill the air.
As I step outside, I see them all,
Women, men, and children, big and small.

I feel the sunshine warm my face,
And the soft breeze in my embrace.
The world is alive, the world is bright,
And I am ready for this festive sight.

I see women dressed in vibrant hues,
Their hands adorned with intricate tattoos.
They dance and sing with all their might,
Their laughter echoing through the night.

I join them in their merry dance,
Feeling the rhythm in every chance.
I toss colors in the air,
And watch them float without a care.

Holi brings us all together,
A time for bonding, a time for pleasure.
As the day turns into night,
I feel grateful for this pure delight.

So let us celebrate this joyful day,
And let the colors guide our way.
For in this moment, we are one,
And our love for life will never be undone.

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